Some clients want to spend less and get more from their campuses and outdoor spaces. Some clients are looking to make their landscapes more human friendly.  Others want to attract and engage individuals and community members to appreciate and become stewards of their local parks and trails. Some see the need to better integrate aesthetics and art into their outdoor settings.   And, others are looking for a green or sustainable image for their business or institution.

That is what we are about – working with you to make your campuses, landscapes and communities high performance places that resonate.  We offer advisory, design, outreach and training services for:

  • Sustainable site and campus development and maintenance practices;
  • Ecological and sustainable improvements for community parks and conservation areas;
  • Wetland, upland and stream restoration;
  • Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES™)  and LEED certification;
  • Green infrastructure and Low Impact Development (LID);
  • Native plant community enhancements, low maintenance turf and meadows;
  • Interpretive and educational site features and online content to illustrate a project’s benefits;
  • Outdoor public art programming, planning and coordination.